Group 3-5

Group 3-5


Exploring 3-5

At this exciting stage of development, children are ready to start laying the groundwork for the future of their educational growth.



Students in our Exploring 3s program will work on:  

  • Having fun
  • care for each other
  • get more independence while respecting others and family
  • Making friendships
  • Exercising personal responsibility
  • Peer conflict and negotiation skills



Using specific Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and Montessori materials and techniques, we set students on a path to awareness of their environment, their community and the world around them, engaging them in activities and discussion.

** We encourage tots to learn and grow in this way through:


  • Interactive storytelling
  • Alphabet exercises
  • Participate in group games
  • Basic science experiments
  • Music & dance
  • Yoga
  • Cooking activities

OUr 4s children

Here is where your child will start to make their transition from 3-5 group  to kindergarten.
Our Thriving 4s  program is specifically designed to best equip children for this new and exciting chapter,introducing them to the full day of learning and expanding their knowledge in subjects like mathematics,language arts and sciences.




** Children will work on:

  • pre-writing skills
  • Pre-reading skills
  • Pre-math skills
  • Advanced practical life skills
  • Engaging in conversation and discussions





We at Clever Cub  believe that this stage in a child’s life is an equally important step in further developing positive personal identity and self-esteem.

** Our program aims to encourage the development of creativity and self-expression through:

  • Walking in neighborhoods and exploring
  • Team games and activities
  • Show and Tell presentations
  • Exploring different art techniques and mediums Mindfulness exercises
  • Yoga
  • Music and dance