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our programsOur programs are designed to help children develop values, self-confidence and social skills. We focus on fostering a healthy relationship between our children. We know that children learn best in environments that are child-centered and age appropriate. Our routine is flexible to meet the needs of the children. Our curriculum is based on Playing to Learn. We believe the play has essential role for social and cognitive development of all children. Our activities use play to teach literacy, mathematics, and science in a loving and fun environment.





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General Program Information

Clever Cub is a licensed group child care facility Hours and operation

working hours of day care clever cubMonday - Friday

  • Infant/Toddler and 3 - 5 Group 7:30-5:30
  • School aged children 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday

Multiage 8:00 am - 8:00 pm available by appointments. You may also call the centre to see if drop-ins are available that day!



Each program provides age appropriate environments that are nurturing, safe, stimulating, and challenging which a focus on individual and group needs. Outdoor activities are part of the daily routine, which includes walks and field trips within the neighbourhood.
The children have opportunities to develop physical, cognitive, language and social skills. Positive social skills are modeled with an emphasis on ensuring respect for self and others, equal rights and opportunities for group members, and an acceptance of differences.

Program Goals

clever cub day care program goals

  • To promote optimal physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth in every child.
  • To provide a nurturing, creative and stimulating environment for children of all abilities.
  • To meet the needs of each family by having a family-centered approach, i.e. recognition of a family’s uniqueness.  • To teach children to respect and value themselves and others.
  • To recognize and support children’s individuality as they develop at their own pace and at their own time.
  • To demonstrate continued understanding of the importance of structure, schedules, and routines and provide children with guidelines, security, and order.
  • When necessary, to monitor and adjust program activities in consultation with parents, staff members, and other involved professionals, in order to foster the ongoing development of children




Gradual Entry Procedure


Gradual Entry Procedure Day Care Clever CubChildren respond to changes in many different ways: curiosity, anxiety, fear, apprehension, any rate, starting daycare is an important event in your child’s life. It may be that he/she has had experience away from home (e.g. preschool), or maybe this will be his/her first large group experience.
We at Clever Cub believe that a slow, carefully planned entry into our center will maximize your child’s chances of a positive experience and alleviate/minimize the possible negative aspects of being away from his/her familiar surroundings.

To achieve this outcome, Clever Cub has adopted a gradual entry program which involves a four days process:

  • Day 1
    Child attends the center for 1 hour and 30 minutes while the parent remains with the child.  

  • Day 2
    Child attends the center for 2 hours. Parent may remain present in the classroom, staying physically separate from the child. Parent should leave the centre for about half an hour letting the child build trust with teachers and fellow students in parent's absence.

  • Day 3
    Child attends the entire morning including lunch time. Parent may stay present in class watching his/her child participate in class routine, from a distance but should leave for about one hour. This will give opportunity to the child to build trust with parent that his/her parent comes back to receive him/her as promised.

  • Day 4
    Child attends the entire morning and stays through nap time. Parent stay for a short time until their child is comfortable.  

Based on our experience, most children are ready to attend on a regular basis by the end of day 4. Adjustments to the above schedule may be made based on the child’s need and is no cause for alarm. Remember that children adapt/adjust at their own time and pace.  If a child is having difficulties adjusting, we believe in working with parents to come up with care plan that works. We can extend our gradual entry to last a couple weeks if it is in the child’s best interest or we can discuss alternative care with the parents.  

Covid-19 & Gradual entry


covid-19 gradual entryAt Clever Cub we believe children need to smoothly get enrolled in daycare. Only one parent can be in one room at any time. We will make inquiries about whether they or anyone in their households have recently travelled or have any symptoms.  
Parents must use hand sanitizers before coming in. They need to be properly wearing a mask over their mouth and nose. We will ask parents to move as little as possible. We will have a chair in the corner of the room for them to sit. We will disinfect the chair before and after each parent visit.



Curriculum built by an experienced early childhood Educator

In addition to providing a warm welcoming and comfortable environment for children. our goal at CLEVER CUB is to give your  little ones the best learning experience possible at every development stage. Our program is developed in collaboration with NORTH VANCOUVER CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE operated by Nasrin Jannatifar (2011) who has over 20 years experience with children in different age groups.
Every child is unique and our approach is focused on building on the unique strengths and needs of all our children



Our programs