Infant & Toddler

Infant & Toddler


We believe that  a child's learning foundation is  as important as any other stage of educational development.
Our specially tailored infant program offers a warm, nurturing environment for your little ones to start their surroundings, Our gentle approach welcomes our infants, encouraging them to interact with people.explore and discover their environment using their five senses while developing their eye-hand coordination.

  • Infants are giving time to exercise and obtain new skills, our program encourages
  • Social interaction
  • Development of gross motor skills
  • Experiment with words and sound
  • Special exploration


Infant & Toddler out door activity


** We help encourage this kind of development progress though:

  • Creative play with age-specific toys and games
  • Rhythm and music class
  • group circle time
  • sensory activities
  • vocabulary learning
  • simple art activities
  • and outdoor activities




The curious twos can be the most challenging and rewarding time for tots and parents alike.
We encourage imaginative play as well as self-reliance through practical life skills, building on the Montessori method and helping little ones flourish while developing positive social and behavioral values.

*** Important goal : Teach children how they enjoy their life .

Children in our Curious 2s program , learn how to get dressed, clean up their toys ,let their imaginations run wild, giving them a greater sense of participation both at home and in school.


Toodler Activity


** We help children reach these milestones through:

  • Storytelling
  • Creative play
  • Music & dance
  • Simple mathematics, like basic counting
  • Role-playing
  • Practice putty training